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Traci G.
59 Sitejabber Success Stories

Sitejabber success stories

Hey Mark! Reviews are occasionally filtered and can be reported for violating our content policy. Reviewers can also remove their reviews at any time. Reasons reviews might be filtered include: suspected solicited reviews in violation of...
over 1 year ago
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Is it useful to put a mini ozone generator in refrigerator for food preservation?

In market, more and more people use ozone for food preservation, I want to know that to put a mini ozone generator in refrigerator for food preservation is useful really? And how I can know ozone quantity, etc
over 1 year ago
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Phone activity trackers

Is there any legit apps to track phone activity remotely for phones on your plan?
over 1 year ago
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Hi, I am Eric Baker from New York. I am new to the gemstone industry. I want to buy aquamarine earrings for my sister's wedding ceremony so that anybody can suggest being the best jewelry shop in New York City.
over 1 year ago
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Amazon shipments sabotaged during Corona pandemic

Yes this is very frequent
over 1 year ago
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1 Consumer Advocacy News

Fake 5 Star Reviews Perdido Health Club located at 10447 Sorrento Rd #104, Pensacola, FL 32507

Several people have contracted staph from this gym and the gym was exposed. Shortly after being exposed for being dirty and poor cleaning the gym went into damage controla nd started posting FAKE 5 star Reviews. This has been proven and...
over 1 year ago
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5 Beauty

What products or ingredients are good for sensitive skin?

My skin is super prone to rashes. After using cortisone for ages, I found a great dermatologist who informed me what ingrediants I was allergic to. The first one is called METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE, which is a preservative. (banned in Europe...
over 1 year ago
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7 Beauty

What are the best vegan brands right now?

Sol de Janeiro. They make vegan and cruelty-free skin and bodycare products. If interested in seeing what they're all about, I have some Sol de Janeiro coupon ( that can help you...
over 1 year ago
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2 Refunds

Claims against moving companies

You have a written contract ( I hope) and that contract lists your contents. You also have insurance on the shipment. But your home insurance should also give you guidance and/ or coverage. Importantly "document" EVERYTHING....
over 1 year ago
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1 Refunds

Unable to withdraw from my account

Hey guys i am unable to withdraw funds from i think i have been scammed and i lost alot of money and i do not know what to do i am from trinidad and tobago any advice
over 1 year ago
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1 Refunds

Hi, just wondering if anyone else has money invested, I have no contact with them at all. Regards Geoff
over 1 year ago
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2 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Walmart delivery is the worst!

Try instacart. They hold their shoppers accountable. If they accept an order but do not deliver they don't get to work for a certain period of time.
over 1 year ago
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1 Consumer Advocacy News

FedEx Service

Their tracking system is completely a joke - It picks random delivery dates and then ignores them. They report packages as delivered when in fact they never arrived. When you call their Resolution Support Team 800-463-3339 they just lie...
over 1 year ago
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6 Beauty

What product has helped the most to clear up your skin?

Clarisonic has definitely improved the texture of my skin. Makes it very smooth. I use the sensitive skin brush with Dior foaming cleanser but any gentle cleanser would probably work too. Also clears up my skin. Excellent for removing...
over 1 year ago
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4 Beauty

What are your Asian beauty morning and nighttime routines?

This is my everyday morning routine and it has helped me out really well So I will be explaining them out to you in details Step 1: Wash your face with water Washing with water only is sufficient for the removal of overnight impurities...
over 1 year ago
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1 Consumer Advocacy News

World Trade Center

Wondering how many people are profitting or on the other hand, being scammed by World Trade Center as a credible crypto broker institute? I have suspicions which I am trying to justify.
over 1 year ago
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1 Sitejabber Success Stories

How does this work?

If there are 10 reviews with 10 stars how does it get a 5 star rating? Also, how do I know if these are true reviews and not just from the business?
over 1 year ago
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1 Consumer Advocacy News

Florida resident directory

After several unsuccessful attempts with opting out of Florida residents directory, I am not sure what else to do.
over 1 year ago
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2 Sitejabber Success Stories

Site Jabber needs to give reviewers a rating.

I do agree. I know for example than Nella E. Reviewing the company Falinas is a completely fake profile but she's allowed to reply to Avery question posed with Falinas in the lost positive review possible, ignoring the numerous...
over 1 year ago
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1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Wish I would of done my due diligence prior to ordering from them. I just found another website (Better Business Bureau) in addition to Sitejabber where there are nothing but negative reviews for Terry's Flowers. I can't...
over 1 year ago